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An Introduction to SMSF

Why use an SMSF?

A self manager super fund (SMSF) has all the benefits of a retail or industry super fund but goes on to also allow flexibility and control over your investments. If you have considered investing in direct property for example, and want to oversee the investment directly as you hold the title and perhaps have some knowledge or involvement in this area, this could be worth considering. Others prefer to see that they hold a listed security directly (such as a listed share or listed unit) or even a term deposit. While it can be operated alone, anyone who has considered using an SMSF could group up to four people and  pool money for the purposes getting into investments that could be out of reach for people who have their super in industry or retail super funds. As long as the self managed superannuation fund is operated legally there is a greater amount of flexibility in investment choices and you as the trustee maintain complete control over it.

Initial & regular compliance is mandatory therefore I would like to suggest that these factors are considered before starting an smsf. You can appoint an accountant or your financial planner may be in touch with us for your annual audit needs.

What's involved in an SMSF Audit?

Done annually by legislation, accountants or financial planners will provide the SMSF Financial statements, investment reports, supporting audit evidence such as asset holding statements, property appraisals, bank accounts, dividend statements, interest notices and any other audit evidence which support events which have occured during and up to the end of the financial year. The Trust Deed & Investment strategy will also be among some of the permanent documents requested.

What sets Simply SMSF audits apart from the others?

Great Service & competitive pricing. A thorough & quality audit, within a timeframe that you, our client would be satisfied with. The fund is finalised (or any audit queries or concerns raised) within three (3) days of receiving the smsf audit. The audit process has been streamlined and service delivery is prioritised to ensure you are happy with the overall service. 

The entire audit is done right here in Australia so your files never leave the country. The auditor also ensures 100% confidentiality and ethical standards to you as our client.