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Common Questions and Answers


When do I need to have my SMSF Audit Done?


An SMSF must have an annual audit as required by legislation and should be conducted by an ASIC Approved Auditor. Once the audit report is emailed to a tax agent, the fund’s Annual Return can be lodged. There are certain deadlines of when a funds annual return must be lodged otherwise fines may be imposed by the Australian Taxation Office.

The standard annual return lodgement date is 15 May for most funds, however many will also have their due date earlier or allowed an extension depending on specific criteria. If unsure you will need to check with the ATO or refer to their website for more information.

If the funds’ annual return lodgement date has passed and audits still need to be conducted for each year, we can work with you to bring the fund back to where it needs to be.