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Question and Answers about Low Cost Audits

Q. We are a value focused SMSF Audit business – but are we ATO and ASIC compliant?

Answer: Whilst we offer great value smsf audits to our clients - and have the highest guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service delivery – we need to also maintain ATO compliance and independence as auditors. Maintaining and exceeding compliance with ATO & the ASIC registration requirements are a very important requirement that will always be met.

Q. How does Simply SMSF Audits compare to more expensive SMSF Audits?

Answer: The price and service! Competitive pricing and an industry best practice service to give you, our client a service you will be satisfied with and return to.

Q. The ATO has said some low cost auditors have not completed written audit plans. Does Simply SMSF Audits have a written Audit Plan?

Answer: The auditing standards along with the ATO have set requirements to which auditors must perform and document an audit plan and program as well as request appropriate and sufficient audit evidence during an audit. These will be requested from you, our client, in order to satisfactorily perform an audit and kept, along with confidential audit plans and procedures securely here in Australia as per legislated requirements. If you have been involved in an audit before you will be familiar with our process.

Q. Does a competitively priced audit mean that the information is being stored or sent overseas?

Answer: Not at all – it is all kept right here in Australia in a secure facility.

Q. Does a competitively priced audit mean that some of the audit process is outsourced?

Answer: It is conducted entirely here in Australia and no information is sent to any other countries.

Q. Are you secure and confidential? How will I know that I can trust what I send you?

Answer: Currently all systems are in place to ensure data security and integrity. Client confidentiality is of the highest priority and information is not leaked, sent to third parties, other agencies etc or discussed with any other parties. That means that you as our client can completely rest assured that any concerns relating to client information are non-existent.